STA Travel

I worked as a freelancer for STA Travel for 2 months, and loved every minute! The various digital advertising elements I created for them really whet my appetite to travel again…hopefully they did the same to their intended audience!


The now defunct insurance brand was underwritten by Dial Direct, and contributed part of the client’s premium to environmental causes. The project was sprung on me with very tight deadlines; I needed to conceptualise print material and online banners in about a day. Despite the tight deadlines I enjoyed the challenge and was sad when the brand was pulled.

1st For Women Online Advertising

I worked on numerous online banner sets and mailers for this brand. My main concern was to keep the creative fresh as the sets were often placed in the same booked spots each month. To limit banner fatigue, each set looked different, had a different message and varied when and where the logo would be displayed. Tactical banner opportunities were also used, where messaging and placement would reference trending topics – these were particularly popular.

IEC 2014 National Elections

The IEC ran a pre-election campaign to encourage South Africans to vote in the National Elections 2014. The campaign focused on personal reasons to vote across a diverse range of characters.

I was responsible for the management of the design team on the digital creative, as well as assisting in its creation.