Gerrit Van Huyssteen

Gerrit Van Huyssteen

Logo design for an ex-colleague and friend.

Gerrit is front-end developer; I wanted to emphasize this by referencing the digital environment, hence the cursor that suggests the arm of the letter G.

Loan Supermarket is a loan facilitator. They source loans from the most suitable institutions, organize pre-approval for their clients and oversee the transfer of the loan into their client’s bank account.

I worked on several logo options for the brand, with this one being the chosen concept.


McNutti is a new brand of macadamia nut oil produced in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

I created the logo, as well as the initial concept for the packaging.


Restaurant Mosaic

This French-themed restaurant requested a logo with a strong Art Nouveau feel to match their decor and brand personality.
I enjoyed the challenge of adding typical whiplash curves, organic vines and leaf-like suggestions to my own hand-created typeface to create this logo.

Thesen Islands Accommodation

Thesen Islands is an up-market housing estate set in the picturesque Knysna estuary.

The logo was designed to be elegant, clean and still have a holiday resort feel. This dictated the styling of the website, which was designed as a single scrolling page to maximise user efficiency.

Cosmo City

A logo for a clothing range based in Johannesburg, aimed at a black middle to upper-middle class target audience.