Jade Mitchell’s Corporate Monsters

Jade Mitchell’s Corporate Monsters

One of the best parts of being a graphic designer is when you get asked to create a look and feel for a friend’s brand – that includes monsters.

Knowing Jade as I do meant that I had special insight into her offbeat sense of humour and her unique writing style. Starting with a couple of suggested illustrations, I began sketching and working out these little critters and their personalities. I illustrated them in a watercolour/marker style while still maintaining them as vectors, so that Jade can reuse them on whatever she needs.

This little freaky family of monsters is set to grow in the future…watch this space 🙂

Personal work

I love design, to the point that if a menu uses comic sans, I question the quality of the food. Poor kerning makes me twitchy and pixellated prints cause me great distress. I love typography, I love special finishes, I love beautiful responsive websites.

But what I really, really love is to create things that bring a smile to someone’s face or make them feel appreciated. Which is why I have hundreds of personalised Facebook posts, birthday decor, wedding stationery, random doodles and invitations taking up so much space on my computer! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did creating them 🙂


The now defunct insurance brand was underwritten by Dial Direct, and contributed part of the client’s premium to environmental causes. The project was sprung on me with very tight deadlines; I needed to conceptualise print material and online banners in about a day. Despite the tight deadlines I enjoyed the challenge and was sad when the brand was pulled.

1st For Women Cab Branding

1st For Women teamed up with Cabs For Women to give their clients reduced cab fees when using this company. As part of the agreement, the cabs were wrapped with the 1st For Women branding.

I worked on several different designs, with the chosen one being a city scape of Johannesburg. Each side of the cab shows a different view of the city. The signature bright pink cabs are still seen around Johannesburg and give me a little thrill whenever I spot one 🙂

1st For Women Online Advertising

I worked on numerous online banner sets and mailers for this brand. My main concern was to keep the creative fresh as the sets were often placed in the same booked spots each month. To limit banner fatigue, each set looked different, had a different message and varied when and where the logo would be displayed. Tactical banner opportunities were also used, where messaging and placement would reference trending topics – these were particularly popular.

Sanlam Sales Kit

To reach the lower LSM with its products, Sanlam requested a design of a portable pack that contained everything a rep might need to make a sale.

I used colour coding for the different products to simplify the user experience, as well as creating several different tools, like a decision tree and quick reference guide. These slotted into a fold out, briefcase-like box, making the entire kit portable and lightweight.